In February and March of 2023, the Center for Effective Philanthropy conducted a survey of 225 of the Kendeda Fund’s grantees and received 165 responses, achieving a 73 percent response rate.

The survey included CEP’s core grantee survey questions and several Fund-specific custom questions.

Overall, The Kendeda Fund’s grantees hold strong positive perceptions of their experiences with and
perceptions of the Fund. Key strengths include the Fund’s impact on grantees’ fields, communities, and organizations, its grantmaking approach, the strong relationships that The Kendeda Fund staff have built with grantees, and the Fund’s helpful and flexible grantmaking processes.

These ratings are reflected in written comments, with grantees expressing gratitude for “always [feeling] like we’re on the same team, working toward our shared goals of creating a better future,” and that the Fund’s approach is “a masterclass in utilizing a more open, less formulaic giving strategy to truly empower the people on the ground doing the work.”

As important context, the Fund intends to spend out its assets by the end of 2023. In light of the Fund sunsetting, grantees share their appreciation for the Fund’s clear communications regarding its timeline and highlight the importance of providing connections to other funders to support the continuation of their work