“I surely feel there is something bigger than us that brings us all that we need to live fully in this world in a joyful way. The natural world always does that.”

—Diana Blank

Veterans in Nature

Kendeda’s Veterans Portfolio focused on veterans and their families who engage time in nature as a means of reconnecting, healing, finding new direction and building relationships. We also supported organizations working with veterans to help rebuild a sense of “team” at home, something the military is so good at creating when they are away. 

Organizations such as Project Sanctuary organize healing family and couples retreats for veterans and their families. Warriors and Quiet Waters gives individual veterans an opportunity to experience the healing waters of fly fishing, while Higher Ground and Outward Bound Military provide veterans with adventure experiences in the mountains and on the rivers. 

Our partners at the National Parks Conservation Association, Team Rubicon and The Mission Continues all engage veterans’ strong commitment to volunteerism and communities by providing opportunities to improve parks and help in times of need.

Veteran amputee fly-fishing off shore off shore on a pleasant river bank

From Warriors and Quiet Waters Project— Photos by Studio MacLeod

Group of Veterans walk through a field of Montana carrying fishing gear.

From the Warriors and Quiet Waters Project

Native American Boarding Schools

The National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition (NABS) provides opportunities for healing and reconciliation for those in the Native American community who have been impacted by America’s legacy of Indian boarding schools. 

Many boarding school survivors are still alive, and many still carry the trauma of that time with them, passing it down to the next generations as well.

NABS is leading a national movement to provide boarding school survivors and their relatives healing services. Importantly, NABS is also working with members of Congress to advance legislation that would establish a national Truth and Reconciliation Commission which would in turn lead an extensive truth and reconciliation process for the Indigenous community.

NABS seeks justice by building partnerships, working with governments and institutions, and advocating for new policies.

American Indian Hall at Montana State University

The new American Indian Hall (AIH) at Montana State University is not only one of the most beautiful buildings on campus, it’s also become a “home away from home” for MSU’s sizable Native American population.

Incorporating architectural concepts by Montana State University alumnus Dennis Sun Rhodes of the Northern Arapahoe, AIH serves the needs of Native students with a student commons and kitchen, a childcare area and spaces for academic collaboration and study. Students perform traditional ceremonies in a dedicated drum room. AIH gives students a new sense of place and opportunities for finding community, support and healing.

American Indian Hall at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

Healing from Gun Violence

Kendeda’s investments in gun violence prevention sought to center solutions driven by and rooted in the communities most directly impacted by America's violence epidemic. 

We were proud to support community violence intervention partners, including CHRIS 180’s Cure Violence work in one of Atlanta’s most under-resourced neighborhoods. We also supported storytellers who looked beyond tragedy and focused instead on healing and recovery. These included films like Sol In the Garden, podcasts like Last Day, and solutions-centered reporting in The Trace.

CHRIS 180 works to strengthen communities and reduce gun violence in Atlanta.