Centering Racial Equity: In Conversation with Dena Kimball and Tené Traylor

On July 23, 2020 – with COVID spiking, the national economy in grave distress, and racial tensions boiling over in America – Kendeda’s executive director Dena Kimball and fund advisor Tené Traylor sat down for a candid conversation over Zoom. Their goal: unpack and examine the Kendeda Fund’s organizational journey around race and equity, including the 2016 … Continued

Working Toward a More Representative Democracy

What They Do ProGeorgia supports and coordinates the civic engagement programs of more than 30 diverse nonprofit organizations across the state, developing the infrastructure, executing the joint strategies, and employing new tools and technology to assure a government that is more responsive to the needs of all. What We Love ProGeorgia is a bold and … Continued

Working For a Fair and Inclusive Georgia Where All People Prosper

What They Do The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute works to advance lasting solutions that expand economic opportunity and well-being for all Georgians. They examine the state’s budget, taxes and public policies to provide thoughtful analysis and responsible solutions. By educating the public about complex issues confronting Georgia, they aim to inspire informed debate and … Continued

Transforming Community For More Than 30 years

What They Do Georgia Justice Project strengthens our community by demonstrating a better way to represent and support individuals in the criminal justice system and reduce barriers to reentry. GJP promotes innovative change through direct legal representation, policy advocacy, education, and coalition building. What We Love GJP believes in second chances after an arrest, and … Continued

Building an Atlanta Where Prosperity is Shared

What They Do The Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative seeks to reimagine economic realities to produce an opportunity-rich future for all. It does this through implementing community wealth building strategies that powerfully leverage people, capital and ideas. What We Love AWBI believes that our economy benefits when prosperity is shared across race, class, and zip code. … Continued

Redefining High Quality Education

What They Do Working to make Atlanta a place where every student in every community receives a high-quality education, redefinED Atlanta leverages private funding for aligned strategic investments in community empowerment, school level talent, and high quality schools. By the 2021-22 school year, they aim to add 8,000 high-quality seats in Atlanta Public Schools, transforming … Continued

New Gun Licensing Research: Consensus for Common Sense

The COVID-19 crisis has had a deep and immediate impact on the work of the Kendeda Fund and our grantee partners, revealing new challenges and unforeseen threats that were unimaginable just two months ago. Take our work on gun violence prevention. Since the pandemic arrived, Americans have responded by stocking up on guns and ammunition, … Continued

Environmental Media Funding: Strategies For Impact

Quick, can you name one film that had the greatest impact on your worldview? A movie that, when the credits rolled, you realized that you would never be the same again? For me, it was The Deer Hunter, a story about men from a small town going to fight in Vietnam. When the film came … Continued

Economic Democracy: A Conversation With Funders

This article was originally published in “Philantopic: A Blog of Opinion and Commentary” from the Philanthropy News Digest on March 12, 2020. It is reposted here in unabridged form with permission of the authors and PND. The Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative (BCDI), in partnership with the Kendeda Fund and the Open Society Foundations (OSF), recently hosted a funder briefing on economic … Continued