New Gun Licensing Research: Consensus for Common Sense

The COVID-19 crisis has had a deep and immediate impact on the work of the Kendeda Fund and our grantee partners, revealing new challenges and unforeseen threats that were unimaginable just two months ago. Take our work on gun violence prevention. Since the pandemic arrived, Americans have responded by stocking up on guns and ammunition, … Continued

Environmental Media Funding: Strategies For Impact

Quick, can you name one film that had the greatest impact on your worldview? A movie that, when the credits rolled, you realized that you would never be the same again? For me, it was The Deer Hunter, a story about men from a small town going to fight in Vietnam. When the film came … Continued

Economic Democracy: A Conversation With Funders

This article was originally published in “Philantopic: A Blog of Opinion and Commentary” from the Philanthropy News Digest on March 12, 2020. It is reposted here in unabridged form with permission of the authors and PND. The Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative (BCDI), in partnership with the Kendeda Fund and the Open Society Foundations (OSF), recently hosted a funder briefing on economic … Continued

Interrupting Violence and Healing Community in Atlanta

What They Do Shootings in a park. Gun violence. Retaliation. When these events happen, they not only impact the people directly involved, they can threaten an entire community. Following a traumatic event, those involved often feel helpless, fearful, angry and confused. In these situations, the CHRIS 180 Trauma Response Network (TRN) provides opportunities for resident … Continued

Proven Gun Violence Prevention Strategies Turn Pain Into Progress

What They Do Faith in Action is a national community organizing network that gives people the tools that they need to fight for justice and work towards a more equitable society.  Their LIVE FREE campaign aims to educate local communities about proven methods for reducing gun violence – mobilizing people of faith and those directly … Continued

Building a Democratic, Equitable and Sustainable Economy

What They Do The Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative is working to end generational poverty in the Bronx through shared wealth and democratic ownership. The Initiative has launched a Community Enterprise Network that serves as a transformative model for urban economic development.  Programs include a Learning Center, a Policy and Planning Lab, an Innovation Factory, and … Continued

Story Leads to Action

What They Do Working Films builds partnerships between documentary filmmakers and advocates to advance social justice and environmental sustainability. Since 1999 Working Films has explored ways for advocacy organizations to use the power of documentary storytelling to engage people in active pursuit of justice. The group has issued a statement of principles for filmmakers, highlighting … Continued

Improving Human Health By Using Less Toxic Building Materials

What They Do The Healthy Building Network launched Home Free to provide training and education for affordable housing developers in different regions of the US, in order to scale-up the selection of building materials that would decrease toxic exposures to residents, construction workers, and workers on the factory floors. What We Love Home Free is … Continued

What will each of us do differently, starting right here, right now?

The following remarks were delivered by Kendeda’s executive director Dena Kimball at the dedication of the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design on October 24, 2019. Thank you. My name is Dena Kimball and I am the executive director of the Kendeda Fund.  On behalf of my mother, Diana Blank, I want to start by … Continued

Building Community Wealth That Lasts

Last spring I had a chance to visit two of the Evergreen Cooperative Corporation businesses in Cleveland, Ohio – Green City Growers and Evergreen Cooperative Laundry. This was not my first time visiting these operations, or even my second. Over the years I have returned time and again to watch these companies make headway in … Continued