Raising Awareness About Early and Child Marriage

What They Do Principe Productions, Inc. is a nonprofit film production company specializing in artfully crafted documentary films that get viewers to think, talk, and act. Directed by filmmaker Megan Mylan, the organization’s work has been recognized with an Academy Award®, Emmy nominations, and an Independent Spirit Award. Through extensive social action campaigns, Principe Productions … Continued

Helping Girls Worldwide Determine Their Own Futures

What They Do American Jewish World Service (AJWS) strives to end poverty and promote human rights in the developing world. It provides over $35 million annually to more than 500 social justice organizations in 19 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. At the same time, the organization advocates for laws and policies … Continued

Supporting Local Leaders and Economies

What They Do Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) was founded to nurture and curate the emergence of a new economy—one that supports health, prosperity, and happiness for all people and regenerates the vital ecosystems upon which our economy depends. With a focus on real change within a generation, BALLE works to identify and … Continued

Partnering with Marginalized Communities Around the World

What They Do The Community Innovators Lab (CoLab) is a center for planning and development within the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning. CoLab supports the development and use of knowledge from excluded communities to deepen civic engagement, improve community practice, inform policy, mobilize community assets, and generate shared wealth. CoLab believes that community … Continued

Building Community Wealth and Sustainable Development

What They Do The Democracy Collaborative is a national leader in equitable, inclusive, and sustainable development. Its Community Wealth Building Initiative sustains a wide range of advisory, research, and field building activities designed to transform the practice of community and economic development in the US. The Collaborative’s goal is to change the prevailing system of … Continued

Tim Stevens

Tim Stevens has been The Kendeda Fund’s Montana fund advisor since 2015. He joined The Kendeda Fund with more than two decades of experience in the conservation field in the Northern Rockies. Tim worked most recently as the Northern Rockies Regional Director for the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA).  Prior to that, he was NPCA’s … Continued

Barry Berlin

Barry Berlin has worked with The Kendeda Fund since its founding in 1993. He serves as the advisor for The Kendeda Fund’s financial portfolio. As a senior relationship manager and head of Atlantic Trust’s Atlanta office, Barry has more than 35 years of experience assisting high net worth families and their related interests. He works … Continued

Diane Ives

Diane Ives has worked with The Kendeda Fund since 2003, and currently serves as the fund advisor for the People, Place, and Planet program. Diane has also worked with the Tides Foundation, Beldon Fund, Putnam Foundation, and the Enlyst Fund. Her experiences include national programs that advance environmental and economic sustainability; locally based community development … Continued

Dena Kimball

Dena Kimball is the executive director of The Kendeda Fund. She also oversees the Girls’ Rights program. Before joining The Kendeda Fund in 2014, Dena served as the Vice President of Network Support for Teach For All; the Vice President of Alumni Affairs and the Deputy Vice President of Admissions for Teach for America; and … Continued

Reimagining the Financial System to Meet Social and Ecological Needs

What They Do The Capital Institute seeks to explore and effect the economic transition to a more just, regenerative, and thus sustainable way of living on this earth through the transformation of finance. Since its founding, Capital Institute has emerged as a provocative new voice grounded in a deep understanding of mainstream finance. The organization … Continued