Tackling Sustainable Building on a Global Scale

What They Do The MASS Design Group believes that architecture can improve lives and be a mechanism for social change. As a nonprofit architectural firm, the Group designs and builds turnkey buildings, develops strategic policy recommendations that help communities (primarily in Africa and the US) address critical social issues, and trains young architects, designers, and … Continued

Making Sustainability Central to the News

What They Do Marketplace Radio launched its sustainability desk in 2005 with initial funding from The Kendeda Fund. Over the past seven years, Marketplace Radio has experimented with different strategies for researching and reporting news that explores how natural resources are valued, used, and exploited in the name of commerce. The sustainability desk has learned … Continued

Reducing Gun Violence in the U.S.

What They Do Fund for a Safer Future is the only donor collaborative that is bringing gun violence prevention funders together to learn from each other and to amplify and align their investments. Founded in 2011, the Fund and its members have made nearly $5 million in grants to date to support efforts to reduce … Continued

Launching Emerging Artistic Talent

What They Do The Alliance Theatre has become the leading producing theatre in the Southeast, creating the powerful experience of shared theatre for diverse people. The theatre has one of the most successful and respected acting education programs in the country. This community of artists, administrators, and business and civic leaders is devoted to theatre, … Continued

Working to End Homelessness in Atlanta

What They Do The Commission on Homelessness, now housed at United Way, operates the Gateway, a center for matching homeless and near homeless individuals and families with valuable services. Through coordinated delivery of social work, health care, housing, counseling, job training, and other services, the center works to lift long-term homeless off the streets—permanently. The … Continued

Equipping Students to Succeed in College and Beyond

What They Do KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools works to equip students with the academic skills, scholarly habits, and character traits necessary to be successful in top quality colleges and the competitive world beyond. KIPP operates free, open-enrollment, public charter schools that serve approximately 3,000 students in the metro area of Atlanta. Admission to KIPP Metro … Continued

Inspiring the Public Through Beauty

What They Do The Atlanta Botanical Garden seeks to develop and maintain plant collections for display, education, research, conservation, and enjoyment. Year-round programs attract hundreds of thousands to experience native and exotic plants, sculpture and light displays, musical events, youth camps, adult education classes, and more. This treasured cultural institution has a location in Atlanta … Continued

Transforming Nonprofits into Leaders of Sustainability

What They Do Grants to Green helps nonprofits go green. Nonprofits everywhere are under constant pressure to reduce expenses. Up to 48 percent of nonprofits are experiencing reduced government funding, and 56 percent are unable to meet the demand for services. Worse still, utility costs are rising, and structures and equipment are aging. To stay … Continued

Engaging the Next Generation of Conservation Leaders

What They Do Montana Conservation Corps (MCC) empowers youth and young adults through hands-on conservation service and education. Each season MCC engages over 400 young adults from across the country in work programs where they live, learn, and serve together in some of our country’s wildest places. They complete conservation projects in local communities, national … Continued

Connecting People and Wildlands

What They Do The Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT) has been successfully conserving land in southwest Montana for 25 years. GVLT connects people, communities, and open lands through conservation of working farms and ranches, healthy rivers, and wildlife habitat, and the creation of trails in the Montana headwaters of the Missouri and Upper Yellowstone Rivers. … Continued