Promoting Balanced Growth and Shared Prosperity in the American South

What They Do The Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) is an Atlanta-based nonprofit committed to promoting balanced growth and shared prosperity in the American South through multi-demographic coalitions and networks. PSE’s work sits at the intersection point of transportation, energy, land-use, and economic inclusion. Its mission-related activities have a tremendous impact on low-wealth people and communities … Continued

Coordinating Strategies to Reduce Gun Violence

What They Do The Fund for a Safer Future (FSF) plays a strategic role in the gun violence prevention movement, pooling resources from multiple foundations and private donors to invest in targeted, practical, strategies to reduce gun injuries and deaths. FSF supports rational, evidence-based policies at the local, state and federal levels, and invests in … Continued

Designed for Innovation

What They Do The Center for Civic Innovation (CCI) seeks to push Atlanta to be a smart, equitable, and engaged city by investing in community-driven ideas, supporting social enterprises, and engaging people in dialogue and action. They do this by supporting and investing in people and organizations who are already on the ground with products or … Continued

Building Community Power in the Gateway to Yellowstone

What They Do PCEC safeguards and enhances the lands, water and wildlife in Yellowstone’s northern gateway through community-based engagement and advocacy. PCEC works with Park County, MT residents and leaders to protect and enrich the quality of life in Park County by preserving and restoring rivers, wildlife and landscapes. PCEC is a lead organization working … Continued

Helping Military Families Reunite and Reconnect Through Time Together in the Outdoors

What They Do The National Military Family Association’s Operation Purple Family Retreats bring military families together for week-long retreats that provide family members opportunities to reconnect with one another while spending time in the outdoors. The camps also provide practical tools and training families need to manage stressful military lives filled with extended deployments and … Continued

Redefining High Quality Education

What They Do Working to make Atlanta a place where every student in every community receives a high-quality education, redefinED Atlanta leverages private funding for aligned strategic investments in community empowerment, school level talent, and high quality schools. By the 2021-22 school year, they aim to add 8,000 high-quality seats in Atlanta Public Schools, transforming … Continued

Empowering Young Feminists to Change the World

What They Do FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund is the only youth-led fund focused exclusively on supporting global young feminist activism to advance social justice movements and agendas. Governed and operated by dynamic young feminists from around the globe, FRIDA provides funding for newly established young feminist-led initiatives through a participatory grant-making process – … Continued

Empowering Community Leaders with Critical Research Tools

What They Do Headwaters Economics works with community leaders, landowners, public land managers, elected officials and business owners to provide credible economic and science-based information to help them make better decisions for natural resource management and community development. Headwaters not only publishes their peer reviewed research in scholarly journals, but they have developed easy-to-use online … Continued

Using Entertainment Media to Change Attitudes and Behaviors

What They Do Population Media Center (PMC) uses entertainment-education and mass media to empower people to live healthier and more prosperous lives by engaging global audiences on health and human rights issues.  PMC achieves this by producing long-running serial dramas for radio, TV, and the web that engage audiences with authentic characters and culturally appropriate challenges … Continued

Building Community Wealth, Sustainably

What They Do Evergreen Cooperative Corporation is the keeper of the vision for the Cleveland-based consortium of worker-owned green businesses. Evergreen promotes and expands economic opportunity in disinvested neighborhoods of Cleveland, with an ultimate goal of revitalizing these areas of the city. Green City Growers, one of Evergreen’s businesses, is a three-acre greenhouse that produces hydroponic … Continued