We envision a day when Montana’s vibrant communities, wildlife and wildlands, and clean air and water are treasured by and protected for all.


We support grassroots programs and organizations that empower local people in their work to improve wellbeing for all and protect Montana’s beauty. The state is a great place to live, work, and raise a family because of its natural resources, rich abundance of outdoor activities, and strong communities.

Five major North American ecosystems run through Montana. Among the region’s residents are Native American tribes, ranchers, local businesses, families, college students, veterans, and sportspeople—all of whom have a stake in the state’s future and whose needs must be considered when developing sustainable and workable local economies.


Protect the Natural Environment

Montana provides habitat and connectivity for wildlife that many other states have lost or compromised beyond repair. The spectacular wildlands along the Rocky Mountain Front, for example, are not only ecologically important but also crucial to the culture of the Blackfeet people. The Kendeda Fund helps communities come together to identify workable solutions to recreation, resource management, and wildlife issues; and defend existing protections that are being eroded by mismanagement, energy development, climate change, and other pressures.

Strengthen Community Leadership

The Kendeda Fund supports community-based conservation efforts including those led by underrepresented and trusted voices (tribes, moms, small business owners, sportspeople, ranchers, and others). We aim to educate, engage, and inspire the next generation of conservation leaders through outdoor- and nature-focused programming and leadership development.

Educate Residents and Decision Makers

The Kendeda Fund works to ensure Montana’s decision makers and residents are well informed on important conservation, economic, and community issues. We seek to ensure that residents understand what drives state and local economies, appreciate the threats facing their communities and the state-at-large, and connect the two to make informed decisions—particularly about non-renewable energy extraction and the threats it poses to quality of life in many communities and on tribal reservations, and its potential impacts including fragmentation of wildlife habitat and diminished air and water quality.

Promote Equity of Opportunity

Montana’s historically underserved community members deserve more opportunities and an improved quality of life. The Kendeda Fund seeks to support community-based solutions around education and economic advancement that are broadly embraced, publicly supported, and successfully implemented for the betterment of all.


We actively seek out and support organizations throughout Montana who are working to build the power of underrepresented voices to protect vital landscapes, special places, and our communities.

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Working With Communities to Protect Montana’s Wilderness

Montana Wilderness Association

Training, Mobilizing and Educating Montana’s Next Generation of Leaders

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Photo credit: Matt Rosso