What They Do

The Trace is an independent, nonprofit public interest journalism news site dedicated to shining a light on America’s gun violence crisis. Every year in our country, firearms are used in nearly 500,000 crimes and involved in the deaths and injuries of more than 110,000 people. Employing the full toolsets of modern reporting and audience engagement, The Trace is focused on increasing the public’s knowledge and sense of urgency regarding an epidemic that devastates families and communities, drains billions of dollars from local, state, and federal governments, and disproportionately divides our culture and politics.

What We Love

When an issue is shrouded by a knowledge gap of this magnitude, journalism can be a big part of the solution. As the only newsroom dedicated to full-time coverage of gun violence in America, The Trace produces in-depth, engaging reporting that goes beyond what traditional media organizations can afford. It covers not just the problems, but potential solutions as well – blending a mix of crime reporting, policy analysis, organizational culpability, and individual leadership. Most significantly, it doesn’t let up when outrage over the last mass shooting wanes and falls away the front pages of the daily national press.

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