What They Do

Working to make Atlanta a place where every student in every community receives a high-quality education, redefinED Atlanta leverages private funding for aligned strategic investments in community empowerment, school level talent, and high quality schools. By the 2021-22 school year, they aim to add 8,000 high-quality seats in Atlanta Public Schools, transforming Atlanta into a city where the majority of students attend a quality school.

What We Love

As evidenced by efforts in New Orleans, Memphis, Indianapolis and other cities across the country, strategic, leveraged private philanthropy can play a critical role in dramatically expanding access to great schools, driving change in ways that other institutions cannot. redefinED Atlanta intends to tackle Atlanta’s educational challenges by strategically investing in organizations and actions that: inform and empower communities to demand excellence; empower new leaders to advocate for change; grow the talent pipeline for teachers and leaders; and expand parents’ access to high-quality school options.

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