What They Do

The Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) is an Atlanta-based nonprofit committed to promoting balanced growth and shared prosperity in the American South through multi-demographic coalitions and networks. PSE’s work sits at the intersection point of transportation, energy, land-use, and economic inclusion. Its mission-related activities have a tremendous impact on low-wealth people and communities of color by:

  • Connecting vulnerable populations to solutions that empower communities
  • Informing decision makers and communities on inclusive growth and development opportunities
  • Impacting development and business investment to promote inclusiveness, quality growth, and regional competitiveness
  • Growing a multi-generational cadre of equity leaders and policy innovators

What We Love

The Partnership for Southern Equity is a bold and dynamic organization led by a steadfast and visionary leader. PSE’s strength is its ability to connect, educate, and empower diverse individuals and organizations to encourage just, sustainable practices for shared prosperity. PSE addresses racial and class inequity with a clear message that economic inclusion is the only way to achieve economic competitiveness. We believe this message and intentional leadership is necessary for the Atlanta Region.

Fund Advisor