What They Do

Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild International Sculpture Park is a community generated and sustained outdoor sculpture park in rural Lincoln, Montana. The sculpture park celebrates the rich environmental, industrial and cultural heritage of the Blackfoot Valley. Sculptors have been invited to create significant site-specific works of art using the materials, both natural and industrial, that are associated with the community’s economic and cultural traditions.

What We Love

Nestled in the Blackfoot Valley, the community of Lincoln has been the center of rich, and often times conflicting social, cultural and environmental values. Mining, logging and ranching were the key economic factors that sustained the community through much of its history. As logging and mining have subsided over the past quarter century, however, the community finds itself at a crossroads culturally and economically. Reflecting on its history and looking towards the future, the community has embraced contemporary art as both a creative and economic catalyst.

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