What They Do

KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools works to equip students with the academic skills, scholarly habits, and character traits necessary to be successful in top quality colleges and the competitive world beyond. KIPP operates free, open-enrollment, public charter schools that serve approximately 3,000 students in the metro area of Atlanta. Admission to KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools is granted to students regardless of prior academic record, conduct, or socioeconomic background. More than 95 percent of its students are African American and more than 75 percent are eligible for the federally reduced meal program.

What We Love

KIPP tackles one of the most challenging of all public issues—reforming public education—and consistently meets goals in sending its scholars to college. The initiative is an inspiring example of progress, demonstrating what’s possible when strong leadership is galvanized by local support and effective replication efforts. KIPP works, and Atlanta is better for it!

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