What They Do

The Urban Institute’s mission is to open minds, shape decisions, and offer solutions through economic and social policy research. Scholars are independent and empowered to share their evidence-based views and recommendations shaped by research. The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies is a public policy organization that produces innovative, high-impact ideas, research, and policy solutions focused specifically on people and communities of color.

Together, these two organizations have partnered on a project to engage impacted communities—particularly communities of color—and collect input on preventing gun violence. The project is building a diverse coalition of stakeholders committed to a set of shared policy and grantmaking strategies that do not subject communities of color to disproportionate incarceration or cause further alienation.

What We Love

We love when two organizations leverage their unique strengths and capacities to work together on a much-needed project. Both of these organizations understand that we will not make sustained, equitable change to reduce community gun violence without engaging those most affected by it. Moreover, they are committed to exploring the connections between gun violence, law enforcement response, and mass incarceration in order to generate solutions that acknowledge the complexity and reality of these issues.