What They Do

Population Media Center (PMC) uses entertainment-education and mass media to empower people to live healthier and more prosperous lives by engaging global audiences on health and human rights issues.  PMC achieves this by producing long-running serial dramas for radio, TV, and the web that engage audiences with authentic characters and culturally appropriate challenges and opportunities.  When paired with reliable access to health and social services and accompanying community engagement campaigns which echo the same themes, these dramas can have an immediate, extensive and positive effect on a country’s social norms and values.

What We Love

In the crowded field of entertainment-education, Population Media Center follows a structured approach, the Sabido methodology, to maximize the likelihood of positive results.  Moreover, they are committed to building the capacity of local producers and writers during the engagement.  We are excited to partner with PMC on a pair of 208-episode radio serial dramas broadcast in Nepal: Mai Sari Sunakhari (“Orchid, Like Me”) and Hilkor (“Ripples in the Water”).

Fund Advisor