What They Do

Over the next several years, with the support and partnership of The Kendeda Fund, Georgia Tech will design and build what all parties hope will become the first major Living Building Challenge 3.0 certified education and research facility in the Southeast. The project will serve as a living-learning laboratory for students and faculty, providing hands-on educational and research opportunities that will be a model for the region and similar environments around the world.

View the Living Building Chronicle to follow the ongoing story of our ambitious project.

What We Love

The Living Building Challenge is a program, advocacy tool, and philosophy that defines the most advanced measure of sustainability possible in the current built environment. Meeting the challenge requires adherence to some of the most stringent building performance standards in the world. To be certified under the program, a building must meet all the program requirements over a full 12-month period of continued operations and full occupancy.

This project builds on a decade of work by The Kendeda Fund to advance sustainability throughout Atlanta’s built environment and around the nation. We could not imagine a better partner than Georgia Tech to join us in pursuing this challenge. And we look forward to helping an entire region learn what’s possible as we embrace the most rigorous building performance standards in the world.