What They Do

Guns Down began in 2016, after the Pulse nightclub shooting, as an effort to demand policies that move the country toward a future with fewer guns. Using bold digital and on-the-ground campaigns, unexpected partnerships, and a sophisticated media strategy, Guns Down works hard to shine a bright light on the economics and politics of the firearms industry while inserting its bold message into the media narrative.

What We Love

From its conception, Guns Down recognized the importance of channeling grassroots energy into campaigns urging American corporations to break ties with the gun lobby. Guns Down is taking on the NRA on all sides, by exposing the true cost of its guns-everywhere agenda and challenging those who do business with the NRA. In the aftermath of the Parkland, FL school shooting, Guns Down is developing a new stream of work designed to educate and empower young people to advocate for bold policies that will truly reduce gun violence.

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