What They Do

Shootings in a park. Gun violence. Retaliation. When these events happen, they not only impact the people directly involved, they can threaten an entire community. Following a traumatic event, those involved often feel helpless, fearful, angry and confused. In these situations, the CHRIS 180 Trauma Response Network (TRN) provides opportunities for resident volunteers to support individuals and the community after a tragic event has occurred. Utilizing a ‘Cure Violence’ framework, the CHRIS 180 team  works day in and day out in NPU-V, one of Atlanta’s most violence-prone communities. Employing street-level intervention techniques based on a public health framework, they focus on interrupting the transmission of retaliatory violence, supporting and facilitating individuals identified as high-risk for committing violence through a change in thinking, and creating opportunities for community norms to change toward non-violence.

What We Love

CHRIS 180 is a proven champion of community-based trauma response. For more than 40 years their holistic approach to wellbeing has helped heal children, strengthen families and build community across the region. And we are confident in their ability to bring those same methods to bear as they build community support for the Cure Violence work in NPU-V.

Fund Advisor