What They Do

The Center for American Progress (CAP) is a strategic center of gravity for the national gun violence prevention movement. With a dual focus on policy development and advocacy, they help policy into action, working at the federal and state levels, advocating for legislative and executive action, and thinking creatively about how to grow a sustainable, successful movement that can make real progress to reduce gun violence in the United States.

CAP is working to develop new and sustainable gun violence prevention infrastructure in a handful of bellwether states – places we believe could have outsized potential for reducing gun violence in the coming years. Together CAP and the Kendeda Fund will also explore new opportunities for reducing firearm related suicide – a challenge that is particularly acute in the Western United States and among military veterans.

What We Love

From a policy change perspective, CAP is hub that helps link hundreds of gun violence prevention organizations nationally. They see the bigger picture and recognize the complex links that tie gun violence to broader social challenges including economic and racial injustice, police/community relations, diversity, equity and inclusion in all forms.

By zeroing in on a few states with CAP’s “Guns and Crime” team as a trusted partner, the Kendeda Fund hopes to gain a deeper understanding of why certain gun violence prevention interventions succeed where others fail. And we hope to identify regional and local strategies that can be scaled and replicated for broader long-term success.

Fund Advisor