What They Do

Evergreen Cooperative Corporation is the keeper of the vision for the Cleveland-based consortium of worker-owned green businesses. Evergreen promotes and expands economic opportunity in disinvested neighborhoods of Cleveland, with an ultimate goal of revitalizing these areas of the city. Green City Growers, one of Evergreen’s businesses, is a three-acre greenhouse that produces hydroponic lettuce for sale throughout the city. The Greenhouse seeks financing to retrofit its lighting to LED’s to reduce the greenhouse’s energy use, and save money on its energy bills. Green City Growers will be able to track the energy and cost savings, and measure the impact on the growing cycle in the greenhouse.

What We Love

Evergreen Cooperatives is demonstrating the potential for worker ownership as a way to build wealth and prosperity in communities. Green City Growers is giving worker-owners a chance at financial resilience in a company that demonstrates social, economic and environmental benefits.

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