What They Do

The Southeast Sustainability Directors Network (SSDN) is a professional network of local government sustainability officials in the Southeastern United States. A partner network of the national Urban Sustainable Directors Network, SSDN started in 2012 with the purpose of building capacity for community sustainability throughout the Southeast. SSDN recognizes that successes in sustainability looks different in the Southeast. Often times, pointing to other local and regional examples of who’s doing what makes a difference when advocating for action at home, and telling the story that goes along with the process of getting things done that helps spread sustainable actions. SSDN disseminates and promotes regional sustainability.

What We Love

SSDN members are succeeding at home, and they are making an impact that will collectively make the Southeast more resilient and sustainable. SSDN is successful because of the active engagement of its 50+ members from across the Southeast. They excel at peer-to-peer learning and are passionate about sharing best practices. They are committed to being a sustaining leadership group and are intentional about how the network grows and in building capacity within both the organization and individual members.

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