What They Do

The Global Fund for Women advances the human rights of women and girls worldwide by finding, funding, and amplifying the courageous work of women who are building social movements and challenging the status quo.

Global Fund for Women’s vision is “every woman and girl is strong, safe, powerful, and heard. No exceptions.” To achieve this vision, Global Fund for Women seeks to rally communities of advocates who take action and invest money to empower women. Specifically, Global Fund for Women focuses on creating long-term social transformation in ending gender based violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and economic and political empowerment for women and girls.

What We Love

Global Fund for Women has done important work in building up not just women’s and girls’ organizations but also women’s and girls’ movements. They understand that doing so requires creativity, collaboration around a common agenda to make change, a strong grassroots base, sustaining a strong pipeline of leaders, and organizational alliances.

We are excited to be working on a four-year project with Global Fund for Women to support our priority of next generation leadership. Global Fund for Women will work with 30 promising young women leaders and 30 high-potential women’s organizations to ultimately develop, train, and support nearly 300 young women leaders across India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Fund Advisor