Our vision for Atlanta includes a healthy environment and strong communities where residents can expect equal access to a quality education, economic opportunity, and the ability to realize their dreams and aspirations.


The Kendeda Fund’s Atlanta program works to fill in the gaps. We seek out underserved populations and programs, and we support community organizations that can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. We support community initiatives that elevate people and improve the environment, enhance cultural institutions, reform public education, improve water rights, provide access to critical health services, and combat homelessness. We focus our efforts primarily within metro Atlanta, working to build healthy communities in the state’s largest urban area.


Increased Quality of Life

A healthy region takes care of its natural resources, uses alternative transportation, and embraces the arts and “green” civic assets. We aim to support communities in their efforts to protect and value the environment. We support programs that help residents interact with nature and the environment, and that increase easy access and exposure to cultural events.

Promote Equity of Opportunity

We believe all children in Atlanta deserve an excellent education. We work so that all of the region’s residents—including historically underserved populations—will have improved opportunities for economic advancement, high-quality health care, and access to the natural environment, the arts, and education.

Strengthen Community Leadership

We support local organizations and nonprofits—from schools to gardens to coalitions—so that they have the financial and organizational stability they need to do their best work. We aim to give strong community leaders the training and support necessary to realize their visions and put their plans into action.


We actively seek out and support organizations throughout Atlanta that provide creative solutions to community challenges and opportunities to address the unique needs of the region.

Equipping Students to Succeed in College and Beyond

KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools

Inspiring the Public Through Beauty

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Transforming Nonprofits into Leaders of Sustainability

Grants to Green