We want Americans to be safe from gun violence. The first step is to create the conditions for a productive discussion around this issue, one where common sense prevails and those with divergent viewpoints can find productive ways to collaborate and move forward.


Gun violence is one of the most challenging public health and equity issues facing American society. While the gun lobby has built a vocal and effective constituency of gun owners and manufacturers, creating fear among politicians, we see tremendous potential for common sense reform in a diverse set of new stakeholders and supporters focused on the scourge of gun violence and the damage it is causing nationwide. Our Gun Violence Prevention program builds on creative community-led efforts and unexpected alliances to find new, productive pathways toward a less violent country. It won’t be easy to make the social, political, and cultural changes required to prevent gun violence on a wide scale. That is why we must get going.


Promote State-Level Policy Change

Federal reform isn’t happening, but states can lead the way. Policy changes, particularly at the state level, reduce access to guns by those most likely to commit violent crimes against themselves or others. That said, we support all the elements needed for widespread gun violence prevention policy: public engagement, building infrastructure at the state level, grassroots and grasstops organizing, policy-oriented research, media and messaging, and legal interventions.

Encourage Community Action To Build A Movement

The gun violence prevention movement needs new muscle. That’s why we invest in building coalitions with other movements and constituencies, including the women’s movement, faith-based communities, communities of color, law enforcement, and sportspeople. These unexpected allies have the ability to promote practical solutions and create working models.

Ensure Innovative Solutions Are Given a Chance

All solutions are supported and encouraged. Gun manufacturers put safer products on the market, reducing accidental gun injury and deaths, and are supported in efforts to transcend the power of the gun industry.


The Kendeda Fund’s gun violence prevention work is still relatively new. We have invested in a few organizations to date, and are actively exploring other partnerships aligned with our objectives.

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Arms with Ethics

Engaging Impacted Communities to Prevent Gun Violence

Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies & The Urban Institute

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Fund For a Safer Future

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