The Kendeda Fund supports the dignity of individuals and the sustainability of communities through investments in transformative leaders and ideas.

People, Place, and Planet

We encourage communities to redefine prosperity, making them more vibrant places to live, more resourceful in hard times, and more capable of retaining the wealth they generate.

Girls’ Rights

We empower girls worldwide by helping create a world in which all girls have the capabilities, choices, and power to fully realize their human potential.

Local Priorities

We grow social and community capital in Atlanta and the state of Montana by focusing on issues of equity, livability and improved connections to the natural environment.


We believe that time in nature and outdoor activities can be powerful forces for healing, rehabilitation, and restoration for Americans returning from military service. We want to support veterans and their loved ones on their path toward reconnection, the building of resilience, and mental and physical health.

Gun Violence Prevention

We envision a world where people are safe from gun violence. The first step is to create the conditions for a productive discussion around this issue, one where common sense prevails and communities can see productive ways to work together and move forward.