Fostering Economic Resilience for Low-Income Workers

What They Do Project Equity is focused on converting businesses owned by retiring Baby Boomers that provide green jobs for low-wage workers, to benefit from employee ownership structures. This synergistic strategy uses the power of business ownership to address large-scale problems, including income inequality, the racial wealth gap, and environmental degradation. What We Love Project … Continued

Storytelling as a Force For Change

What They Do Sundance Institute is providing grantmaking, fellowships, and community building support to filmmakers and artists addressing environmental challenges and gun violence in their storytelling. Sundance provides advisory services to The Kendeda Fund team as we support both dramatic and documentary films moving through the Institute’s production process. What We Love As a premier … Continued

Dennis Creech

Dennis joined The Kendeda Fund in 2017 and serves as the fund advisor for a variety of sustainability initiatives in the southeast. In 1978, Dennis co-founded Southface, an Atlanta-based nonprofit promoting sustainable homes, workplaces and communities. He ran the organization for 38 years, and under his direction Southface has become a trusted partner to federal and … Continued

Bridging Policy Gaps, Forging Smart Solutions

What They Do The Center for American Progress (CAP) is a strategic center of gravity for the national gun violence prevention movement. With a dual focus on policy development and advocacy, they help policy into action, working at the federal and state levels, advocating for legislative and executive action, and thinking creatively about how to grow … Continued

Working With Communities to Protect Montana’s Wilderness

What They Do For more than 50 years, Montana Wilderness Association has been working with communities across the state to protect Montana’s wilderness heritage, quiet beauty, and outdoor traditions. What We Love The Montana Wilderness Association works directly with communities to find common ground between diverse interests in order to build long-term support for wildlands … Continued

Advancing Next Generation Leadership of Young Women Activists

What They Do The Global Fund for Women advances the human rights of women and girls worldwide by finding, funding, and amplifying the courageous work of women who are building social movements and challenging the status quo. Global Fund for Women’s vision is “every woman and girl is strong, safe, powerful, and heard. No exceptions.” … Continued

Training, Mobilizing and Educating Montana’s Next Generation of Leaders

What They Do Forward Montana Foundation is a homegrown, statewide, non-partisan, youth-led, grassroots organization whose mission is to train and mobilize the next generation of young leaders in the state of Montana. In 2014 alone, Forward Montana leaders and volunteers registered more than 10,000 new voters statewide. The organization’s leadership training and development program graduated … Continued

Environmental Education

What They Do The Montana Outdoor Science School (MOSS) works to inspire curiosity, understanding and awareness of nature through quality educational experiences. They engage people through exploration and learning, and prepare students to care for this extraordinary place we call home. MOSS provides people of all ages important experiences in nature. For example, they run … Continued

Christine Hunt

Christine Hunt joined The Kendeda Fund in March 2016 as a coordinator and is based in our Atlanta office. Christine previously worked at The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta where she served as a philanthropic advisor and director of the Center for Family Philanthropy. She has also served as a fundraising consultant at Coxe Curry … Continued

Tené Traylor

Tené Traylor joined the Kendeda Fund as a Fund Advisor in March 2016 and oversees the Atlanta program. Prior to joining the Fund, Tené was a senior program officer at the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. For ten years, she led their community development and neighborhood transformation grant making, including the Neighborhood Fund. Tené launched several programs and … Continued